Monday, November 1, 2010

My Skating Test

October 30th was the day I had to take my preliminary skating test.  I wake up in the morning with butterflies in my stomach.  I quickly get up and slip on my dress and run downstairs.  My mom is hurrying around the house making sure we have everything we need to go.  We hop into the car and drive to the rink.  As soon as we get there we burst out of the car.  "Every thing is such a rush" I think to myself.  I take my skates out of the bag and quickly tie them on.  I stretch for a couple of minutes so my legs aren't completely stiff.  I push through the big doors scared and nervous.  A cold icy blast freezes my face as I skate onto the ice to warm up.  I go through my test a couple times wishing no one else would be watching me.  The three judges arrive and sit down in the hockey benches.  They motion me over to them.  They ask me what my name is and tell me good luck.  I lock eyes with my mom for a couple of seconds and remember to smile.  I start, I settle down and tell myself no one is watching me as I glide across the ice.  I pretend I'm the only one in the rink right now.  Now I'm not even scared, I feel really happy.  I end my last move with a small curtsy. I thank the judges and skate off.  My mom gives me a high five and gives me a big hug.  I can see the judges on the other side discussing if I should pass or fail.  I see one of the judges smiling.  Well that seems like a good sign I think to myself.  When the three judges come over to me they smile and hand me the papers.  All three of them said a pass!  "Oh my gosh"!  I said over and over again too excited to stop.  I couldn't believe it, I was so happy.  And all it took was a calm spirit and some determination!



  1. You're right if you settle down and pretend no one is watching it is much easier. GREAT JOB!!!!