Monday, November 15, 2010

The Orchestra

Last week my dad had the great idea of taking us on a trip to the orchestra.  We found out that the people who are playing in it are ages 12-18.  We drove a little while and had to park in a freezing cold parking lot.  I walked out of the car shivering in my red dress.  The automatic doors welcomed us inside with warmth.  As soon as I decided to sit down for a minute, my dad had the tickets already in his hands and said "Come on guys, lets go!"  I stood up and followed my dad to our seats.  Apparently he had gotten us a box seat. I could see the whole orchestra.  There were really small kids and  really tall kids setting up their instruments.  The conductor stepped out from behind some doors and the room was filled with applause.  The lights soon dimmed and everyone was silent.  The music started with a blast.  Violinists glided their bows gently over their violins, trumpeters blew their horns loudly but gracefully.  The room was filled with many different sounds including percussion, (one of my favorite parts to hear.)  It ended with a bang.  Everyone was standing up and clapping.  The orchestra bowed deeply, smiles spreading across all of their faces.  At one point I had almost fallen asleep because it was so pretty.  We all got up skipping to the door humming the last song.