Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guava Juice!

We were getting tired.  Tired of having the same old apple juice, water, grape juice and cranberry juice.  So  my brilliant dad decided to order canned guava juice straight from Hawaii.  Everyone sighed happily in relief when he told us that.  It was going to be a couple days before we could get it though.  Then on one special evening the doorbell rang.  We all walked over to the door quickly.  We opened the door and their were three boxes.  We all didn't want to get our hopes up just in case it was a new book ordered by my dad or something.  We wanted to wait till my dad got home from work so we could open whatever it was with him.  But we just couldn't wait.  So we got the scissors out and tore open the boxes and sure enough there was........GUAVA JUICE.  To my surprise their was also passion fruit and orange. Then at the very bottom of the box their was a little note that said thank you for purchasing and ma-halo which means thank you in Hawaiian   Finally when my dad got home his eyes were wide and saw that we had laid out the juices in a decorative manner.  He smiled and gave us all a hug.  When dinner was ready we popped the lid of the cans and took a nice long gulp of such wonderful tasting juice.  "Now remember, you kids cant have more than one a day OK?" My dad asked.  We all nodded except for Ryan who gave a mischievous smile.  Ryan hasn't taken any more than one juice per day......yet