Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art Museum

Last weekend, my whole family was brainstorming something fun we could do for the weekend.  It took us a while before my mom suggested we go to the art museum.  Mom asked for a vote to see if anyone else wanted to go.  We all shot up our hands like rockets.  "OK" She said a huge smile lighting up her face.  We all raced into the car and drove towards our destination.  Jessica, Ryan and I had all fallen asleep on the long drive over to the the museum.  When we parked mom and dad shook us awake saying "c'mon get up!"a couple times.  My eyes were still partly closed until I saw it.  The art museum loomed over us casting a huge shadow around it.  "Woah" I said in whispering awe.  My mom already had started walking to the entrance like she was so familiar with this place.  We walk into the building get our tickets and head over to the new exhibit called "Treasures From Heaven".  That sounds interesting I think to myself.  There was a desk with two women sitting there.  "Tickets please".  My dad hands over the tickets.  "Would you guys like the audio tour?"  She held up five small devices that looked like a phone and explained to us how to use them.   "you push the numbers on the device and push the play button and then you'll hear a person explain about whatever object you are looking at."  "Sure" my dad says.  She hands us all one.  Ryan gladly yanks one out of my dad's hand examining it very closely.  We check for a number beside the object and listen to it.  Even Ryan is gladly listening  and learning from it.  Every time the audio ended he would tell us a fact he learned.  We finally came to one object that had a piece of cloth with a face on it (clearly it was Jesus Christ's face) , laid into this gold sculpture.  I listened to the audio and it said, "  A very long time ago someone wanted a painter to paint Jesus's face.  The painter accepted and traveled a long distance to come to Jesus.  Jesus wiped his face on this cloth supposedly when the painter was there and you can still faintly see his face on the cloth".  So instead of painting him he used the cloth and laid it on the sculpture.  It was very fascinating to see that.  Then we checked out some of the Egyptian art, beautiful paintings and a lot of different sculptures.  After a couple hours we were so tired we were dragging our feet across the floor.  "Lets go" Ryan said sleepily.  "OK" Dad said yawning.  We all drove away tired but very happy to do something very special for the whole family.

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