Saturday, November 13, 2010

ACT Test

My parents have very high expectations for my education.  Starting last week Jessica and I had to start practicing for the ACT test.  I am doing the ACT four years before I need to, it may sound crazy but its good for me because, most people who are taking the test have never studied it and just take the the real test without ever practicing it.  The first test my sister and I had to take was a vocabulary test.  I admit I did a bad job I got a 31 out of 75.  YIKES!!!  We reviewed our tests a couple days later.  The next time I took the test I improved by 8 points!  I was so excited that I had gotten a 21.  Today we had to take a math test.  60 problems in 60 minutes. I ended up getting a 15.  I looked at my paper disgusted almost every other problem looked like it had a huge red x through it.  I'll take it again next week and hopefully I'll do better!  From now on every single week Jessica and I will take practice tests for the ACT.  Isn't the coolest way to spend your weekend, but is definitely one of the smartest ways.


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