Thursday, May 31, 2012

Carrot Cake


   A couple days ago my dad requested my mom and I make a carrot cake.  My mom and I are the bakers/cooks of the family.  Every Tuesday night I bake a full dinner for my family.  An appetizer, an entree (the main course) and then a dessert.  Anyway my mom and I printed out a recipe from the website Food Network and we found an amazing recipe by the chef Emeril Lagasse!  If you want to try it out here it is!  Carrot Cake.  So my mom and I got out all of the ingredients and started mixing together the dry ingredients (like flour, baking soda and salt) and then mixing together the wet ingredients (butter, vanilla, eggs etc...)  and then combining the dry into the wet.  We then added the ground up carrots and some chopped pecans and added them to the batter.  We divided the batter into three different pans and let them all cook for 35 minutes.  After about 15 minutes of the cakes in the oven, we could all smell the carrot cake.  It smelled delicious!  Once the cake was done my mom and I were slightly concerned because the cake came out a little brown.  Maybe we overcooked it?  We didn't know!  We decided since this was a five star recipe, that must be how the cake is supposed to look!  And we were right.  Once I frosted the cake with a delicious maple cream cheese frosting, we cut the cake open and each had a slice.  The cake was amazing!  It is one of the best carrot cakes I've ever had!  It was moist, fluffy and had an amazing flavor!! :) :)
Birthday Cake

On Sunday is my little brother's birthday.  Ryan is turning eight and he is super excited!  Ryan has a blog and he's been sad and discouraged that he's had seven followers for the longest time and almost all of them are family members!  So he hasn't blogged for a while but if he sees that he's got more followers, that would be a GREAT birthday present for him! :)  His blog is The World of Ryan

-Alyssa :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Water for a Race

             Just yesterday my dad participated in a race, in our community, with 2,000 people!  My dad had never run a race before, but he is really fast, so I was pretty sure he would do well.  Anyway the director of my figure skating club wanted some of the girls from the figure skating club to pass out water to the racers.  We gladly accepted, we would love to cheer on our dad while he's in his very first race!  The only thing we didn't like was that we all had to get up around 7:00 on a Sunday morning.  No!  My one day to sleep in!  But thankfully we didn't stay up too late on Saturday so I was able to wake up pretty easily.  Once we (my mom, my sister and I) got to the water tables we had to fill up a lot of plastic cups with water.  Some of my other figure skating friends were there so we got some extra help, which we would really need once the race started!

Finally we had filled up two whole tables covered with plastic cups of water.  After a few minutes of waiting we saw the first runner come down towards us.  We all held out a cup of water and waited for him to grab one.  He didn't.  He was so focused and concentrated that he barely noticed us.  The next couple racers behind him didn't bother either.  But finally after what felt like an hour of waiting a big group of people started coming our way.  We all picked up a glass of water and held it out for the runners.  One snatched one out of my hand and half of his water spilled out but he didn't seem to care he just kept running.  Almost everyone did the same thing.  Water was spilling everywhere!  One guy dropped his whole cup of water onto my tennis shoes!  I was bothered by how that felt for the rest of the time! After the racers finished their water, they tossed it aside onto the ground.  I knew we'd have to pick up all of the 2,000 something cups when it was over, that was something to look forward to, I said to myself sarcastically.  For about 20-30 minutes people were crowding around the water tables frantically grabbing or asking for cups of water.  Soon we were almost out of cups, but thankfully the amount of people were slowly declining.  Once there was no one left, we got out a couple of huge plastic bags and picked up all of the plastic cups.  Surprisingly it didn't take that long since we had a whole bunch of people from our rink helping.  Once we left our group, we found our dad and congratulated him.  We asked him what he had got.   He said he had gotten 877th place.  It doesn't sound that good but out of 2,000 people it's not bad, especially since that was his first race ever!


Today our dad surprised us by taking us out to see the new movie, The Avengers.  I'd wanted to see it the first week that it came out but my dad said otherwise because he knew it would be super crowded!   But anyway the movie was great!  It's already one of my favorites.   It's funny, action packed and just really awesome!  If you haven't seen it yet I would really suggest you do.  It has all of the awesome superhero characters like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawk Eye and the Hulk, and they all work together to save Manhattan.  This movie was amazing!  I would definitely recommend it! :)

-Alyssa :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Writing my Story

                    Lately I've been working on my new story currently called "Sweet as Ginger"  My book is about a seventeen year old girl named Ginger and she is the owner of a bakery called Sweet Tooth.  One day one of her friends named Tiffany sees an article in the paper about a huge cooking competition that's coming up.  She tells Ginger that she should really enter the cooking competition.  Ginger enters and tries to win the most grueling cooking competition ever.  Right now I'm working on chapter five and I think it sounds kind of lame.  But really, who doesn't?

  My sister Jessica from Write. Skate. Dream tells me to never revise your first draft chapters, or you might end up erasing half of your story!  I'm trying not to, but sometimes I really think some parts of my story just seem really weird and lame.  So today I made only small revisions like grammer mistakes or misspells.  (I hope those are OK to fix.)  OK, well, I have to keep writing!  Wish me luck!!

-Alyssa :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kreative Blogger Award!

Today I got awarded the Kreative Blogger Award from Kathy over at Imagine Today.  Thanks!! :)  The rules are:
  1. Thank and link back to the person who presented you with the award
  2. Answer the ten questions below
  3. Share ten random facts/thoughts about yourself
  4. Nominate seven worthy blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award

What is your favorite song?

This is really a hard one, I have so many songs that I really like, but if I have to choose one I guess I would choose "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga

What is your favorite dessert?

Anything that's chocolate!

What ticks you off?

When people interrupt me.  It's so annoying!!

When you're upset what do you do?

Usually I go up into my room and listen to music, or read.

Which is/was your favorite pet?

Our dog named Buddy, sadly, we had to give him away :(

Which do you prefer to wear, black or white?

I like them both, but I guess I wear black more, because that's the color of my skating outfit.

What is your biggest fear?

Getting eaten by a giant spider!

What is your attitude mostly?


What is perfection?

Being with my family.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Playing too many video games with my brother and sister.

OK, Here are the 10 random things about me!

1. I love green tea ice cream.
2. I hate talking on the phone.
3. I'm terrified of worms!
4. I'm less than a foot taller than the tallest penguin!
5. I love thrillers!
6. I ate dirt once when I was young because, I thought it was chocolate!
7. I've seen a wild bear and a wild moose once when I was in the Grand Tetons National Park.
8. I went swimming with a sea lion once.
9.  I spoke in front of the Ohio House of Representatives budget Committee.  
10. I cook dinner + dessert every Tuesday night for my whole family!

OK!  Hope you enjoyed reading my random facts about me!

Here are the seven people I'm nominating to get this award!

Thanks for reading! :)


Monday, May 14, 2012

First Loves Blogfest!

Today is Alex J. Cavanaugh's First Loves Blogfest!  The rules are you have to post your first ever movie, song, book and person that you've loved.

OK!  Here are my answers! :)


I used to watch The Lion King all the time!  Like literally every day, when I was younger.  I think the first time I saw this movie I was probably two or three and watched it every day until I was seven or something!  This was my favorite movie ever, and even now, it's still sometimes fun to watch!


The Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack was my first favorite music.  Every Thanksgiving when me and my sister Jessica were really young we would put on a show for all of our relatives that came over to our house, (exactly 19 people!) And we would dance to all of these different songs and we almost always danced to the songs from The Phantom of the Opera.


My first favorite book ever I think was The Pale Green Pants.  This book was written by Dr. Seuss.  This book is about a pair of pale green pants that wants to be friends with whatever that thing is that's screaming. Some bear mouse thing.  I don't really know what is!  But if you want to read this story (It's quick!) here it is!  Pale Green Pants


Harry Shum Jr. starred in Glee (The TV show) as a character named Mike, and I think he looks REALLY  good!  By the way he's an awesome dancer and does all of these really cool moves!  He's so awesome!! <3 <3

Hope you enjoyed! :)

-Alyssa :)