Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jumping off the high dive!

A couple of months ago my friends invited me to go with them to a swimming park.  There were a lot of cool things there like a big trampoline a huge slide and the scariest of all a 50 foot tall high dive.  It took me a couple of minutes to jump into the water.  When I was ready to, I plunged myself in, going under the clear water.  First, since I had never been there before my friends took me over to the big trampoline. We busied ourselves by jumping and falling on it a hundred times.  After that you can see how we got a little bored.  Next, my friends and I jumped off into the water and swam over to the big slide.  I was a little cautious at first but I went down anyway.  Then my friends pulled me by the arms and took me over to the high dive.  "Alright guys have fun jumping off!"  I said laughing.  "If we go you have to go too" they told me.  I frowned but I knew that sometime I had to get over my fear of jumping off of that thing.  I watched older and bigger kids than me jump off the board screaming and putting their hands in the air.  I sighed but shrugged it off.  Soon there was one more person and then it was my turn.  Butterflies attacked my stomach.  I started praying there would be some sort of distraction.  Apparently my sister who didn't really want to get in the water told me that my little brother Ryan was just about to get in and I had to help him. I happily agreed.  I quietly tried to escape from my friends they seemed not to notice...for a little at least.  Soon one of my friends came over to me and made a really sad face and begged me to go.  "All right" I said.  I called over Jessica and told her I was going off of the high dive so she had to take Ryan back for a little.  I slowly swam over and climbed up the latter again to go up to the high dive.  I climbed up and looked over the edge.  "Don't look down." I told myself over and over.  Finally I gathered up my courage and jumped!  I was going down so fast I couldn't even comprehend why I did it.  I hit the water and went under.  I got up and yelled "Wohoo!"  My friends were clapping and smiling.  It was fun I admit, but after all of that I was about done with swimming by then.  I dried myself off and told my friends bye.  I got into to the car and thought I'm glad I did something that I thought I would never do.


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