Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trip to Wisconsin

                    On August 1st me and my family left for a nice vacation in Wisconsin.  We actually are on this vacation because my dad has some business meetings here.  We have already been to the cities, Lake Geneva, and Madison (the capital) which is really cool because right out of our hotel room you can see the capital building!  What an awesome view!  We still have Green Bay and Elk Hart Lake to go too.  We've done so many fun things just in the three days we've been here!
 We've gone on a great boat tour which took us around Lake Geneva (There were so many beautiful houses that we saw while we were on the boat!)
 We also have gone swimming in this amazing outdoor pool, where the water changes different colors at night, and we went to an awesome ice cream shop called Scoops.  We've gone there before, but we seem to end up coming back every time we visit Madison, Wisconsin.
I'm having a great time here, but I really miss my skating :(.  Good thing we brought our skates!!

I took this picture on a rooftop garden :)

Walking around Lake Geneva.  My sister, me, my dad, and brother Ryan.
Rainbow sherbet from Scoops!

Ice cream from Scoops, turtle ice cream, blue moon ice cream, and the ice cream I ordered, rainbow sherbet!

Thanks for reading!!
Alyssa :)