Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sushi restaurant

I am totally in love with the Japanese culture, partly because I'm 1/4 Japanese.  I am truly obsessed with sushi. This week my family decided to take a trip to an amazing sushi restaurant.  I ordered the tori katsu like usual.  This is chicken in  breading with this really good dipping sauce on it.  Then a waitress pushed through a double door and  happily set the food on our table.  On the tray lay all of the sushi in such a beautiful order my mouth starts watering just looking at it. I took out my chopsticks and practically crammed the sushi in my mouth.  I knew it wasn't totally polite but I was so hungry and it looked so good.  Since I'm partly Japanese I can use my chopsticks pretty well, but you probably wouldn't call me skilled at it either. At the very end we all split some green tea ice cream (my favorite kind of ice cream) and it was amazing like I hoped.  After we got up and thanked the waitress, we went outside and we all said "Thanks dad!"
After all he had the idea of taking us there.


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