Friday, October 15, 2010

Rock climbing

This last spring break my family went to Whistler, Canada. Almost every single day we were there, we went skiing down mountains.  Except on the second to last day, our legs were so sore and tired.  Besides on the last day we just wanted to enjoy the mountain and ski down every slope we could.  Anyway, on the day we took off, we went to a small playground that we all had to check out. It was actually really cool!  Then we went to a soup restaurant that was AMAZING!  A couple minutes later Ryan suggested we go rock climbing "Yes" Jessica says loudly and looks around a little embarrassed.  "Uh... you guys can go but I'd rather just watch" I say.  I was so scared of heights I didn't even like to rock climb.  "Come on you should go".  Jessica says.  "Maybe".  I said in a shaky voice.  We walk over to the rock climbing center.  A lady from behind the desk asks how many will rock climb today.  In a voice so quietly I can barely hear myself  I say "I'll try it".  "Okay great" she says happily.  She hands us our shoe sizes and we walk off to the climbing part.  The huge dark rocks towering over me make it look even more scary.  Ryan is the first to try it.  He starts climbing about halfway up until he decides he wants to go down.  I'm next, they strap me to the belt and I start climbing up.  My heart feels like its about to burst, and my head hurts, I keep climbing and realize I'm at the top.  Oh my gosh I'm at the top!  At the top!  Now the easy part let yourself slide down.  I have a huge smile on my face when I get down.  "Ready for the next one guys"?  The helper says.  "Yeah"! and  I'm the first one to say it too.

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