Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ice Skating

I have been on a synchronized skating team for two years and I love it! Our team is called Clarity.  Right now our synchronized skating teacher has choosen a song from the movie Sister act.  It's pretty neat.  It is has been a couple weeks since we started choreographing our synchro team and we are well on our way to a good program.  It's great because the first year we had an ice show that I was in, we did our first synchro performance in front of a lot of people.  Jessica(my sister) said, that seeing me out there, got her way more influenced in ice skating.  So now Jessica is on the team too!  I have been skating ever since I could walk but for some reason I wasn't really serious about it until these last two years.  I am so glad I chose the sport of skating.  You get a ton of exercise and a huge amount of determination!

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