Monday, October 18, 2010

Apple Pie

Last Saturday,  we drove to a big apple orchard.  It had many varieties of doughnuts, cider, apples, spreads and cheeses.  My mom picked out a huge bag of Braeburn apples.  (I've actually never heard of those kind of apples  before.)  So we hopped into our car and drove home happily, hungry for some apple pie.  We were so tired that night, we decided to make it tomorrow though.  Early that next morning my mom, Jessica and I started cutting apples.  I was really scared about cutting myself, it never happened though.  Then we had to mix in sugar and cinnamon to the apples.  Sometime after, we started making the dough for it.  We dumped the apples into the dough and had to make another batch of dough for the top of the pie.  We took out some cookie cutters to put a few decorations on the apple pie.  We put on some hearts, an angel and a star in the middle.  We baked the pie for about a half hour.  The timer beeps so loudly it practically makes us jump to the ceiling.  My mom takes out the golden brown pie and we all sit down licking are lips awaiting a delicious treat.

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