Monday, October 11, 2010

Starting Up

       I am very exited about starting up my new blog Life is Good.  My sister and mom already have made their own blogs, Reflections(Jessica's) and Imagine Today( my mom's) that you should check out too.  Almost every day my mom, Jessica and I go to the ice rink.  Our calendar is filled with competitions, tests and ice shows for ice skating.  On October 30th we have to take a test that is very hard called preliminary moves, A solo competition on November 20th and a Christmas ice show on December 19th!
   We are a very busy family, but maybe not as busy as you think.  Jessica and I are actually home schooled in a program called K-12.  K-12 is a very fun and educational charter school with many science projects, games and more.  Today I had to put some yogurt under a microscope and watch the living organism called L.acidophilus go around.  Don't worry L.acidophilus actually is what makes yogurt so good for you!
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