Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Scratch Spin

        The scratch spin is a spin where you rotate really fast, spinning on your left leg and letting your right leg curl around your left.  This spin is very common and is one of the first spins that you learn.  When you hear that, you may think it's not that hard to get since it's for beginners, but it took me months,  maybe even a year to get the spin really good!  Here's a video of me doing the scratch spin.

This video was taken a couple of days ago.  Hope you enjoyed watching!

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Alyssa :)

P.S Sorry for the really, REALLY   late post!


  1. I see you doing this all the time but didn't know what you call it. You make it look easy and your execution is so graceful. GM for LA

  2. Beautiful move. How did your competition go?

    1. Thanks!! :) I ended up taking 5th out of 6th because I fell twice :/ Thanks for commenting! :D

  3. I enjoyed watching it very much, Alyssa!