Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for spread EAGLE

The spread eagle is kind of a cool move.  The spread eagle is where you skate forward and then you move with both of your feet planted firmly to the ice.  This is kind of a hard move to explain, so here, just watch the video!  The spread eagle isn't one of my strong suits!

This move isn't the most interesting, unless you can do it really well, (which I can't LOL)  Hope you enjoyed watching anyway!  This video was taken three days ago.

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Alyssa :)


  1. I thought the spread eagle was something else completely. thanks for demonstrating.

  2. cool vid - and trust me you can do it a lot better that I can - I've never even skated...

  3. Another great and entertaining post. Maybe you should make a video library of figure skating, or one long A-Z routine!!

  4. Thank you for educating us on what each of these moves is called. I love the A-Z Challenge because I get to learn so much from your posts! I love you to infinity, Alyssa! Grandma Reiko

  5. Hi, Alyssa, I can't skate, but admire those who can. I can't ride a bicycle either, but I can drive. Ha. I don't dance, but enjoy watching others do so. I can write, and enjoy doing that. Gotta go, got more blog hopping to do. Regards to you, Ruby