Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Rocker

        A rocker is a move where you start on either your left or your right foot and turn your hips to face forward then backward.  In this video that I'm about to show you, I do a repetitious rocker sequence.  Rockers are actually a lot harder than they may look, you can easily lose your balance and fall over.  Here's a video of me doing repeating rockers.

This video was taken today.  I keep saying this, but I compete tomorrow at 12:20!  Wish me luck! :)

Hope you enjoyed watching! :)

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-Alyssa :)


  1. That doesn't look easy at all. Good for you. Good luck on your competition tomorrow.

  2. You're doing some great moves there Alyssa. I am so sorry I haven't been visiting you lately. I haven't been posting much lately either, but I sure do appreciate your comments when I do. Thank you. Best of luck to you tomorrow. Go out there and WOW them.

  3. Once again, that's fantastic, Alyssa!

    Before the competition, do this for me, if you would. You may want to do this tonight instead and/or as many times as you wish - up to the last minute before getting onto the ice: Allow yourself extra time to close your eyes; mentally block out all the noises; take a deep breath, exhaling ever-so slowly; and visualize yourself in perfect harmony with the ice, including how happy you are with how you just skated throughout your entire program; then open your eyes and get onto the ice. What happens next may amaze you!

    I love you to infinity!! Grandma

  4. Lookin' good there, Alyssa! Best of luck tomorrow. GM