Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Double Salchow

The double salchow is a jump where you rotate two times around in the air.  This jump took me a couple of months to get consistent.

This jump is challenging because, while you're in the air you have to think about so many different things!  You have to keep your left leg right next to your right leg so you don't get off balance and your leg swings you all around.  That's what usually makes you fall on this jump, your leg swinging all around!  I've fallen plenty of times on it!  This was taken two days ago! :)

Thanks for watching
Alyssa :)

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  1. I used to love skating but I could never figure out how to do those jumps. I guess it'll just be a for fun activity, and not competitive, for me. Great post and happy A-Z blogging.

  2. I think I did a double salchow an icy parking lot...unintentional, of course. And I blew the landing unlike yours which was beautiful! Great jump, Alyssa! :)

  3. I would fear for my life trying to ice skate! Great post! Happy A-Z! :)

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  5. (sorry that was me that deleted the prior post due to typo!)

    Well done! I took ice skating lessons when I was a kid (a loooooong time ago!) never got as far as jumps. Just enough to get around the rink without falling too much!

    Visiting from A-Z

  6. Oh, my goodness, Alyssa. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  7. D is for Dramatic! and if it'd been "A" my comment would be "Awesome"! WOW, what a buzz.

    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters

  8. nice D post
    do check out my E at GAC a-z