Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Break List!

Blue Flower Clip ArtOh my Gosh, I have just realized today that I haven't blogged for a while, and I am so sorry about that!  But this Spring Break has been totally crazy!  We have gone out to the library, we have made arts and crafts, which my dad absolutely abhors!  But it was really cool because my brother Ryan picked out two things, a 3D puzzle penguin, because thats his favorite animal, and also a big army tank.  Typical.  I got two things as well, I got a really cool coloring book ( it says "Great for all ages" this isn't for toddlers don't worry.)  I also got an object that you could paint and then put in your garden.  And Jessica since she is in love with painting as well, she got a huge canvas.  And lets see.. we also went out to lunch and my sister, my brother and I had been playing the video game Little Big Planet for hours!  I know its not very good for you, but come on it was Spring Break!  RELAX!  Anyway I had a great time!  Please comment about your favorite thing you did over Spring Break!


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