Friday, April 8, 2011

The Real ACT!!

I'm twelve years old and tomorrow morning I am taking a real 5 hour ACT!!  Now, I've been practicing a lot but I'm still really nervous.  On the practice ACT test in the grammer section I got an 18,  In the Math I got a 15 :( in literature I got a 17 and in science I got a 21!  The best I've ever done.  It's good though because my dad is taking us out to Einstein Bagel Bros before we take the test.  I never eat food in the morning or I get really sick.  But in the morning you actually think better because you are energized.  So I am definitely eating.  After the 5 hour test he is taking us out to a sushi restaurant.  MY FAVORITE!!  So I'm pretty happy about that.  I really can't believe it, tomorrow is the big day, so please wish me luck and wish me good scores!!


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