Monday, April 4, 2011

Stars on Ice!

Last night I got a big big surprise.  A few months ago I wanted to see Disney on Ice, but apparently we didn't have the time.  So I guess about a month ago my mom bought the tickets for Stars on Ice without me even knowing,  because it was supposed to be a surprise.  But my sister, Jessica, and my mom kept telling me that we had big plans on Sunday.  I kept guessing anxiously.  "Movie theater? Art museum? Science museum? History museum? WHAT IS IT??"  But they still didn't tell me.  Then finally Sunday was here.  My main guess was probably the art museum because every time I asked if we were going to the art museum my mom and dad smiled really big.  We started driving off to the "art museum" while I sat in the back tired and a little bored.  I mean don't get me wrong I love the art museum but it just wasn't an art museum day I guess...Just like my dad was reading my mind he says"If you don't like it money back guaranteed"(like my dad always said)   I let out a small laugh .  Anyway we pulled up into this big professional sports arena.  "Wait" I said eying everyone carefully "Why are we here?"   A smile broke out on everyone's faces except my little brother, Ryan, who still didn't know where we even were.  Ah ha!  We are going to a hockey game I thought to myself.  We went over to give our tickets to the ticket takers or whatever you call them.  We then got onto an elevator and I asked Jessica,"We are going to a hockey game right?".  "Well" she replied, "you'll have to see when you go and look at the court." Court, I thought?  Are we seeing basketball?  By this point I was totally confused and waited until the elevator doors opened.  We got into the arena and I thought it was a hockey game again, until I realized all of the Stars on Ice pages all sitting neatly in the seats we were about to take.  "MOOOOMMM!!!"  I said aloud happily.  "Stars on Ice?"  she nodded happily.  "I've always wanted to see this!!"  She smiled and nodded towards the ice.  The lights were turning off and some of the best skaters stepped out.  Evan Lysacek, ( he won the men's Olympic Gold.)  Sasha Cohen, (everyone knows who she is) Kurt Browning, Micheal Weiss, Todd Eldridge and many more!!  The show was fascinating.  Especially when they did their triple jumps and even a couple of them did a back flip!  I mean how cool is that!  When the show was over I thanked my mom and dad so many times for taking us there!   "Dad I definitely don't want my money back"  I told him smiling.



  1. Haha Surprise! I'm so glad you didn't know where we were headed. It was a great show wasn't it?

  2. yes!! I loved it!!! Thanks you so much!

  3. Haha that must have been really awesome to just walk into the rink and look in the cup holder and realize that you were going to see Stars on Ice. The show was amazing the back flips were so cool. ;)