Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Competition

Sunday, March 20th was the last ice skating competition of the season.  This time I had to do an axel in it, which actually is consistent now!  I am very happy about that!  Well, anyway there were 8 people in total and apparently I was going 5th.  I was skating to the same Disney song I have been skating to for this whole year and I have been wearing a sparkly purple and pink dress that I love!  Anyway we got to the rink about an hour early.  (My sister was competing here too, we were actually competing against each other which is pretty normal.)  So we started stretching.   Bending, touching our toes (or skates), doing up and down hops and more. Just as the first girl in our group got on the ice I could tell she was really nervous.  Overall she skated a pretty good program though.  My sister Jessica was second I wished her luck by saying "May the Force be with You" because she is so obsessed with Star Wars.  I am actually too =).  Jessica landed both of her axels in her program which my mom (our coach) and I were very happy about.  The two other girls went and then it was my turn.  I slowly stepped out onto the ice but made sure I was smiling because, cameramen were taking videos so parents or coaches could buy them to inspect or just enjoy how their kid or student did.  I skated over to my spot and my music started.  I had an axel practically at the very beginning of my program which I landed with a happy smile.  I went through the whole program pretty nicely until I did my combination axel which means I had to do an axel and right after that do another jump.  I landed the axel pretty good but the second jump totally took me off balance.  I didn't fall but I stumbled... A lot.  But I got right back into the program and did my ending sit-spin into a scratch spin.  I got off the ice smiling a little embarrassed with what just happened, but at least I had fun you know?  We eagerly waited for the scores.  I ended up taking 3rd  which I was very happy about.  Even if I hadn't taken 3rd I was very happy about the way I skated and that's all that matters.


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