Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sister Act competition

On the 26th of February our synchronized skating team has another competition.  We will be competing at 11:49.. Exactly.  Like, right on the dot!  Just like we did at the Q we are still performing to a song from Sister Act.  But instead of being able to mess up like in the Q, our program has to be skated perfectly.  Steps, footwork and just the overall skating including neatness and speed.  We have to arrive at least at 10:15 so we are absolutely positive we will not be late.  Everyone on the team is sooo excited for this competition.  Especially because, this is the first competition of the year!!  My grandparents are going to be coming over to watch us skate but sadly my dad won't be able to come because he just had to have knee surgery today =(.  I hope we all have a great time and at least get a pretty good score!!!!!  Wish us luck ;D