Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today I finished a book called Scumble.  If you have ever read the book Savvy, Scumble is its companion.  I give this book a five star rating it was filled with action, fun, hope and a little romance thrown in.  I would recommend this book to everyone, THIS. IS. A. MUST. READ!! Scumble is written by Ingrid Law.  Ingrid Law was born in New York, and is the mother of a teenage daughter.  She currently lives in Colorado where she writes full time.  Scumble is a book about a boy named Ledger Kale.  In Ledger's family when someone turns thirteen, something very unusual and very strange happens....  You acquire a strange power/or ability.  Every person in Ledger's family has a different savvy.  Example:  His cousin Rocket has the ability to send electricity to anything, his other cousin Sampson knows how to turn invisible, Mississippi (Mibs) knows how to read peoples' thoughts and Ledger's, well you'll just have to read the book!


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