Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Promise Of Change

A couple of days ago I finished a book called "A Promise of Change" by David Mendall.  This was a biography about Barak Obama's early life into his presidential life.  I thought this book had very interesting facts about Obama that I never knew and would definitely be good to know.  I would rate this book a three star, which means I liked it.  I don't think this book was very well written that's all.  I mean he had great stuff in there that all of us should most definitely know but it was just kind of a slow book.  This is all in my opinion so no offense to the people who loved this book!!  But I would recommend this book for people who know little about Barak's early life and friends and how he started helping the world be a better place.  Barak Obama started out just by helping out his community.  (He was the head of some community club.)  Some people heard of Barak's great ability to help people in a very meaningful way.  Many liked to hear this so people started listening to his community speeches and they liked what they heard.  Obama had a difficult childhood his dad left his mom and him at a very early age.  In high school Barak was in the "Cool" group and he was at times going out to parties and other fun things.  After he joined the community he looked back on his early life and said something like, "If I hadn't joined this community in the first place I probably still would've been some kid in the "cool" group."  So overall this book was good,  just slow at some parts.

 (Don't worry I will post my ice skating competition on YouTube and I will tell you the link!!!!)


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