Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Skating, Skating, SKATING!

Yeah, I know I have a whole bunch of posts on ice skating but I really want to share about this last week's competition.  This competition was at a huge ice rink.  We have only skated at this rink once before, which makes it even more scary!!  This competition was held on Saturday and Sunday.  I was competing on both days.  The first day I did my competitive program which was the music from Disney's Epcot parade.  And not to brag I took first out if seven, which I'm very happy about!!  But on Sunday I didn't do so well.  I was competing in an artistic program, which means you really have to express your emotions out on the ice.   You also should probably have some kind of prop (which I didn't have.)  I was skating to the music"Almost There" from The Princess and the Frog.  I didn't really know what prop I could use for that.  If you've watched the movie, my mom and I thought maybe a broom would be cute to hold since she's trying to clean everything up.  But then we looked into the rulebook and it said something like "If you bring a prop to skate with,  you'll have to be holding it the whole time."  No, I wasn't going to go around skating with a broom for the whole program!!  Anyway I ended up placing eighth out of ninth.  Hey, well it least wasn't last.  But this was mostly because my costume wasn't very decorative like practically everyone else's, I didn't have a prop, which makes it way LESS interesting, but mostly because I wasn't really being expressive that much when I was skating.  But you know, the place shouldn't really matter, it matters if you had fun or not, and I did!!  It was a great new experience, and I would love to try it again sometime!