Monday, January 24, 2011

Competition Results

Yesterday was the day of Jessica and my skating competition.  We were more excited than nervous this time.  When our parents drove us to the rink I took a deep breath and headed indoors.  When we got to the front desk a woman said I would go second and Jessica would go last.  (Jessica had always wanted to go last for some reason.)  But I was really scared I kept saying "Am I really going second?  Mom am I seriously going SECOND!?"  "Yes, yes you are." she said over and over a little annoyed from me saying that a million times.  "This competition is going to be a very special competition girls, so I brought you girls these."  Jessica and I smiled big until my mom took the surprise out from behind her back.  "Oranges?"  I asked.  "Yes oranges" she said happily.  Then our mom told us the story of her competing and an orange.  "The one time I competed, my coach brought me a couple of slices of oranges."  She said "oranges are probably the best things you should eat right before a competition.  I was annoyed by this because I thought this was complete nonsense" she told us.  "But after I ate those orange slices and was finished with my competition I got first place!".  So Jessica and I pulled an orange slice out of our moms hand and took a big bite.  Soon we got on the slippery ice to practice and warm up.  When warm up was over I was the second one out like I said.  It was a success. (I just was a little slow, your nerves can really mess with you out there!)  Then Jessica did an amazing job it was the best I've ever seen her do!  And guess what Jessica took first and I took second.  So heres a tip to all skaters................ Eat those Oranges it really helps!
Coming soon... me at competition on YouTube (I'll tell you the link later.)

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