Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Biography Love

World History Biographies: Mozart: the Boy Who Changed the World With His MusicI love biographies and for the past couple days I really wanted to read a biography. So a few days ago I picked out some library books and started reading.  I read six biographies that day.  One was about Mozart, one about Jim Henson, Amelia Earhart,  Harry Houdini, Neil Armstrong and Elvis Presley. My favorite one was about Mozart.  Most likely because I play the piano.  I liked this book because it told all about his life in great detail.  It even talked about his early early childhood days.  Mozart had a sister named Nannerl  who was four years older than he. He also had a loving mother and father.  But when his mother died his father blamed Mozart for the death, and their friendship was never the same.  This book was sad at some parts happy at others.  This was an amazing book with so many facts and details about Mozart's life.  Mozart is loved for the beautiful music he played and wrote. In total Mozart wrote 973 songs in his lifetime.  He truly was a piano prodigy!


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