Thursday, January 6, 2011

B Spot restaurant

Last weekend my dad took all of us out to a famous burger restaurant called the B Spot.  I thought it was really good.  I love spicy things so I ordered a burger called Red Hot.  It had a really hot Asian sauce called Sriracha.  Anyway when we all were finished, my dad wanted to get us something extra special.  He ordered two shakes for us all to share.  The first one was a normal chocolate shake, but the second shake surprisingly  was........  Apple, vanilla ice cream and bacon.  Bacon??!!!  "Ewww"  I said quietly trying to be polite.  "Apple, vanilla ice cream bacon? What kind of place is this?".  We waited, and waited, until what seemed like hours until two shakes were placed on our table.  Jessica, Ryan my mom and I all started drinking the chocolate one first because we were to nervous too try the other one.  After a few minutes of drinking the chocolate one we took a glance over at my dad who seemed to be engulfed by the apple ice cream bacon shake.  Jessica and I cautiously put our straws  into the shake and took a long gulp.  My eyes grew wide with delight.  "How can this taste so good?" my mom asked after taking her first try.  We had no idea.  But that didn't matter.  What mattered was that we all loved it and were having a great time!


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