Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kreative Blogger Award!

Today I got awarded the Kreative Blogger Award from Kathy over at Imagine Today.  Thanks!! :)  The rules are:
  1. Thank and link back to the person who presented you with the award
  2. Answer the ten questions below
  3. Share ten random facts/thoughts about yourself
  4. Nominate seven worthy blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award

What is your favorite song?

This is really a hard one, I have so many songs that I really like, but if I have to choose one I guess I would choose "Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga

What is your favorite dessert?

Anything that's chocolate!

What ticks you off?

When people interrupt me.  It's so annoying!!

When you're upset what do you do?

Usually I go up into my room and listen to music, or read.

Which is/was your favorite pet?

Our dog named Buddy, sadly, we had to give him away :(

Which do you prefer to wear, black or white?

I like them both, but I guess I wear black more, because that's the color of my skating outfit.

What is your biggest fear?

Getting eaten by a giant spider!

What is your attitude mostly?


What is perfection?

Being with my family.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Playing too many video games with my brother and sister.

OK, Here are the 10 random things about me!

1. I love green tea ice cream.
2. I hate talking on the phone.
3. I'm terrified of worms!
4. I'm less than a foot taller than the tallest penguin!
5. I love thrillers!
6. I ate dirt once when I was young because, I thought it was chocolate!
7. I've seen a wild bear and a wild moose once when I was in the Grand Tetons National Park.
8. I went swimming with a sea lion once.
9.  I spoke in front of the Ohio House of Representatives budget Committee.  
10. I cook dinner + dessert every Tuesday night for my whole family!

OK!  Hope you enjoyed reading my random facts about me!

Here are the seven people I'm nominating to get this award!

Thanks for reading! :)



  1. Great answers! A giant spider? I'd be scared of that too! :) And I love the answer to perfection!

  2. Alyssa, I am amazed that you remember Buddy since you were so little when he was there. Since you like thrillers, have you seen A Sound of Thunder? Great write up with an interesting list of things about you.

  3. Thanks for the award! :) I also hate being interrupted, particularly when you then lose track of what you were saying!

  4. Wow, Alyssa, you have to tell me about speaking in front of the Ohio House of Representatives Budget Committee - when you come over Friday night, maybe?

    Like Grandpa, I, too, am amazed that you remember Buddy. I love you to infinity!! Grandma

  5. Thank you for passing this award on to me. I love reading random facts about fellow bloggers. I am very excited. I have another award that I have not been able to write a post about yet, because of my time away from the computer, but I will get to both of them tonight. I really appreciate you thinking of me.

    I hate talking on the phone as well, but I was surprised to learn that someone your age does not like it. See how cool these awards are. We would never learn such interesting info about our blogger friends without them. I am deathly afraid of spiders.

    Thanks again and I enjoyed reading your answers, You have an awesome blog.

  6. Congratulations on your award and thanks for the Google add. Stopped in to say hi and join your site.

  7. It was cool getting to know you. Chocolate is the best. Dirt not so much but hey we all live and learn. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Haha, you're welcome, thanks for commenting! :)