Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Falconers Knot

Today I finished a book called the Falconers Knot by Mary Hoffman.  I absolutely LOVED this book!  This is a book about murder and romance in Medieval Italy.  This book is literally spine tingling!!  This is a book about a boy named Silvano da Montacuto who has a very good life.  Adored and loved deeply by his noble parents, Silvano one day is accused of murder he did not commit.  He is kept safely in a Franciscan friary, where he waits anxiously for his name to be cleared.  Chiara is a  girl about the same age as Silvano, sent to the convent against her will, she loses all hope of a happy future.  Soon however she meets the exiled Silvano, who is struggling with the same fate.  The two find comfort and companionship in a home they never expected, until murder threatens to rip it all apart again.  With Silvano suspected once again, they set out to find the real killer before the crimes destroy everything around them.  This book was so good I am dying to read the Stravaganza series also by Mary Hoffman called the City of Masks, the City of Stars, and lastly the City of Flowers.  Read this book if you are interested in the history of  medieval Italy, and like spine thrilling books!!!



  1. What a lovely thing to find on a Thursday morning! I am so glad you enjoyed it Alyssa.

    Mary Hoffman

  2. wow!! I am very honored that you took the time to read my blog! Thank you very, very much!!! :)