Sunday, January 15, 2012

So Fun

Just wanted to tell you guys that we had so much fun competing at the synchronized skating competition in Fraser, Michigan.  This was our first out of state competition and girls from all over the country were competing there!  We had lots of fun, but we ended up taking 9th place out of 9 :(
But thankfully everyone was OK with it and we all admitted how much fun it was to hang out, run around the hotel and just have an AWESOME time! Nobody was actually mad that we got last. We were obviously disappointed but there's a competition coming up in February that we are all really excited about and pretty confident about!  Hopefully we'll do good then!  We had so much fun and right after the competition we got to stay over at our grandparent's house!  Wish I could relive this whole week over again!!

Alyssa :)


  1. Me too! It was soo much fun watching you guys skate and then to stay over so we could do things together, especially the missing photo I needed to finish my Mexico Project. Thanks!

  2. We sure enjoyed your visit, Alyssa!! Thank you for making the delicious pumpkin cookies, too! I wish you lived much closer to us so that we could see each other more often... I love you to infinity, as always and forever!!

  3. It was so fun seeing you guys!