Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beta Reading

The weather has been really bad these past few days.  It's rainy, muddy, cold and just MISERABLE!  So lately (meaning 2 days ago) I have been beta reading my sister Jessica's novel!  Her blog is  if you want to go check it out! :)
Anyway I have just started it and I think it is really good!  I'm only on chapter three and I am already hooked!  Not much else to say today, I didn't get to go skating this morning because the freestyle started at 6:30 and my mom thought I should sleep in because of all of the stress from the synchronized skating competition.  But tonight all five of us (my mom, my dad, my brother my sister and me) will be going to the gym tonight for the daily (or I guess nightly) work out.  That's it for today! I'll post again soon!

Alyssa :)


  1. Really glad you like my book :)
    Can't wait to get over all the stress from the competition!!

  2. I was just about to start beta-reading Jessica's book, too, as soon as I reviewed all of the blogs that I check out toward the end of the day each night. You are a fast reader! Either that or the book must be REALLY good! Have fun at the gym with your family! Love you to infinity!!

  3. Yeah it's really good!
    Haha and yeah can't wait to get over the stress from the comp!
    Thanks for commenting :)