Monday, September 12, 2011

Skating Competition

Some of you probably know how much I'm obsessed with figure skating.  I figure skate every day for a couple of hours, get back home, do some school and then do some off ice training.  So anyway, Saturday was the first figure skating competition of the season!  Jessica, my older sister and I competed in this event.  You can go check out her blog at  It's really cool!  OK, back to the competition.  This was the first time I would be competing with my double jumps in it!  I was so nervous!  My grandparent's also came to watch so that made it even more scary! So, I was competing against five girls, including myself.  To get to the point I ended up getting third place out of five.  This was also the first time I had ever fallen in competition.. It actually wasn't as bad as I had pictured it, but mostly because a lot of my skating friends were cheering me on.   The next big competition that is coming up is Regionals.  Yeah, really big!  I've got three weeks to practice before it and I've got to admit that I'm already a little nervous!!

Alyssa :)

P.S.  I will post a video of me skating in my competition as soon as I can!  (It'll be today if I can get it on here!)


  1. Congrats Alyssa!! I'm glad you are okay from you're fall. I want to see the video! I wish I could have come to it but when we got home from club ice my dad realized that the basement had flooded from all the rain. We were sweeping water down the drain in the dark because the power was out also. I think I might be at the rink tomorrow. I'll try to come to you're next competition!

  2. Thanks! and that's to bad that your basement flooded:( sorry 2 hear that! Can't wait 2 see you tomorrow!

  3. You sound like a very busy person Alyssa. Hoping you will be able to get your video on as I would like to see it too. I think you did very well coming in third. Sorry about your fall, but I bet you just got right back up and went on like nothing happened. Good look on your next competition.

  4. Thanks! And I'll keep trying to put that video up! :)

  5. Hey Alyssa there is an award for you over at: