Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Already!


I can't!  It feels like the year has gone by waaay to fast.  I say that every year, but I feel like I haven't gotten enough done yet!  Do some of you guys feel like that?

Anyway let me start by talking about some things we did over Thanksgiving.
Every Thanksgiving pretty much our whole family comes over to our house.  That's 17 people!  That's a lot of laughter a lot of fun and a lot of mess.  I do admit I am a very organized person, so when one thing is out of place it really bothers me! And I absolutely hate clutter!!
And do take into consideration that there aren't only adults over at out house  we have three 8 year olds (my cousins and my little brother)  and one 5 year old.  That's a lot of mess!!  But I controlled myself and tried to stay out of the messiest rooms so I wouldn't just start cleaning everything!

Over Thanksgiving we went ice skating, we baked yummy croissant rolls (Pillsbury, those are the best!!) we planned on making gingerbread houses but we didn't have the time.  We also played the fun word game Apples to Apples a lot, and we went to a hockey game and our dad got us a suite to stay in!! The room was awesome! :)

Here are some pics!

My cousin Isabella :)
Me and Jessica with little cousin Matt at the suite!

Suite at Monsters Game!

Also real quick!  I have an ice show that's on Saturday and I'm doing a program with one of my friends.  We are skating to a song called Palladio by the band Escala.  They area a group of 4 girls and they play on electric cellos and violins!  They are so awesome! Wish me luck! :)

Thanks for reading!
-Alyssa :)


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I wonder how you celebrate Christmas!

    1. Yes it was awesome!! I don't really know how we're going to celebrate Christmas yet either! LOL :)

  2. sounds like so much fun!! I love Thanksgivings with family!!! <3

    1. Yeah! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year!! :D

  3. Dear follower friend iam hear to say thanks for all support…ur support my success…Keep writing & reading…waiting to hear more…good luck…GOD<3U