Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little Big Planet!

Have you ever heard of the video game Little Big Planet??  Well I hadn't until a couple months ago.  This is probably one of the cutest video games ever!  It's also my favorite. Here I'll give you a little summary.  In LBP (Little Big Planet) you are being these little sock puppets.  O.K doesn't sound that interesting right?  Just hang in there though, that's exactly what I though too, so don't worry!  In LBP there can be up to four players in this game and it is really cool because you can go all around the world to do special missions.  For example we had to go to Japan, Mexico, Russia Alaska, Africa and more!  There are also bonus levels, levels created by other people who play the game (Ya you can play this game online with others if you want to too.)  And then you can create your own levels as well!  I know a whole bunch of stuff right?  Oh ya, and if and when you finish Little Big Planet1, Little Big Planet 2 will be waiting for ya. Then after 2, Little Big Planet 3 will be on its way!  Almost every single morning my sister, little brother and I wake up really early in the morning and start playing it.  What a fun way to start the day huh?  Maybe not the smartest way but definitely the coolest way!


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