Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Our Christmas Tree!
Christmas, my very favorite holiday ever, is in only nineteen days!  Hopefully it will snow when Christmas arrives!  Sadly outside it's all rainy, gray and muddy. :( Just a couple days ago we put up our Christmas tree, we all had a lot of fun putting up the ornaments and wrapping the lights around the tree.  We've actually had this same tree for fifteen years!!  Yeah, It's really old but it doesn't give us any problems and it surprisingly still looks very good!  Yesterday my little brother Ryan and I had an awesome time making gingerbread cookies and cutting them out into a whole bunch of different shapes, we had an awesome time and the cookies tasted amazing!!  Soon we will start to put up our gingerbread house, YAY!  Sorry for the super short post, but I have to get started on my school work!  Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Gingerbread cookies!

P.S. What's your favorite holiday? And, how was your Thanksgiving? :)


  1. I loved reading your blog, Alyssa!

  2. We just got our first Christmas tree (not borrowed). Hopefully it'll last us 15 years. Or more.