Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Ice Show

Ice SkatingDecember 19th was the day of my ice show.  As soon as we got there we met up with the other girls in the show.  One of our partners in our number came running up to us and said that we were the first number to perform.  "No" we said to her obviously thinking we were not going first.  "Girls you are the first to go!" my mom yelled to us.  "Thats just great" I thought.  I put on a black dress with a golden stripe down the side, Jessica wore a red dress with sparkles all over it.  After our dresses were on we rushed onto the ice.  We practiced a little backstage before it started.  Then the director of the rink picked up a microphone and said "Our first number is Carol of the Bells, the Fab Four will be skating to this."  We all nodded behind the curtains while hearing our new nickname.  "So presenting the Fab Four" she said loudly.  We nervously stepped onto the cold ice.  My hands were shaking as I skated over to my spot.  Carol of the Bells rang through the air.  We spiraled, we spun, we did footwork and we just really enjoyed ourselves out there.  The music ended with a BANG!!!  We were all laughing so hard when the song ended for some reason. The crowd went wild people were standing up and cheering.  If you want to see the ice show go to YouTube and type in, Sweets and Treats Pond ice show.  I am in the Sweets. Treats. Clarity. Synchro.MPG. Im also in the Finale and the Fab four MPG.

Hope you enjoy

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