Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bollywood Movie Obession

A couple weeks ago, my dad all of a sudden decided that our family needed to start widening our horizons in the kinds of movies that we watch.  I guess he was getting tired of watching Frozen over and over again.  So my dad rented some Bollywood movies from the library to see what we'd think.  He put in the first movie, Jab We Met, and I realized just how different Bollywood movies are from movies over here in America.

 First of all, in every single Bollywood movie, people just randomly start doing really awesome, perfectly choreographed dances while they sing.  It's really cool, and lately I've been in my room trying to do some of those moves they're doing!  It's very unique and defintley different from anything else I've ever seen!

Bollywood movies are also very looooong, I think one of them was like 4 hours!  To an average hour and a half American film, that's crazy long!

But I realized I have a new found love of Bollywood movies, I am so glad my dad introduced me to them!  I love seeing all of their crazy colorful outfits and the beautiful saris the women wear.  Everything is just so colorful! :)

My two favorite movies I have watched so far would be, Dostana, which is a romantic comedy, and Om Shanti Om which is a romantic movie but it's a little bit creepy as well!  You should watch these if you haven't!

By being introduced to Bollywood movies I also have a new celebrity crush now, Shahrukh Khan, who is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood right now.  He's so cute and he's really good at dancing!  Sadly he's 48 and married with 3 kids, so I don't have a chance, but I guess we can all dream!

Anyway, I love Bollywood movies and I can't wait to watch more!  Have you ever watched a Bollywood movie?  Do you have any Bollywood crushes?

Thanks for reading!
-Alyssa :)


  1. I saw the one that won the Oscar a couple years ago. With the singing and dancing, it sounds like they are a throwback to musicals from the 50's.

    1. Yes you're right, it does sound like that!!

  2. I'm glad you found something new to enjoy. Bollywood movies make me laugh! :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Bollywood movies are so funny! (:

  3. There are some real gems being produced overseas. Finding them is the tricky part.

    Wishing you well, Alyssa! :)

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